Christmas advertising

I really dislike advertising. mostly. and I am trying to learn it my kids. the older one. younger is too young yet. 😉 I have achieved some successes. my daughter told my few days ago,… Continue reading

vital need of work

now I am not working. our youngest kid is 4 months, so I am at home and taking care of him. everything is great, but I feel almost vital need of work. I… Continue reading

the best ever – carrot cake

and today the winner is: cake, actually carrot cake. i really, really love carrot cakes. the most delicious carrot cake, I have ever eaten, was in Tate Modern, in London. what was that… Continue reading

connecting people

languages. in my first post I wrote, that I created this blog – inter alia – for practicing English. I use English at work. it is not my mother tonge, and it is… Continue reading

from the very beginning

title of this post is as good as any other title. this is a first post so, i think it should be about starting. and it is about starting… oki. enough of pseudo-philosophical considerations for today.… Continue reading