connecting people

languages. in my first post I wrote, that I created this blog – inter alia – for practicing English. I use English at work. it is not my mother tonge, and it is not language of country, I live. so, it is quite hard to know it on satisfactory level. of course courses, of course e-learnig, books, systematic learning at home. bullshit. you can not learn such living substance as language, using it from time to time. perhaps somewhere is such genius. I am not him/her.
I have to feel melody of language, understand essence of meaning words. for me, it is the only way to use it properly and with pleasure.

that is why I am trying to express my thoughts here, in English. it is hard, especially that I love simple but sophisticated vocabulary. I want to be understood precisely.

how easily it would be if mathematics, not English, was first language at the world. 😉

see you soon, folks. ]:->