vital need of work

now I am not working. our youngest kid is 4 months, so I am at home and taking care of him. everything is great, but I feel almost vital need of work. I have to do sth. I really want come back to my job. to my colleagues, to my laptop, to my DBs… now I can not. our son needs me more.

sometimes, I think it is not fair, that woman has to be at home with her child, when it is very, very little. I do not experience those “magic moments with my child”, women’s press writes about. my presence is the best for him, so I am, but… I miss my job.

that is why I am trying be updated. no it is not true. I am trying to not forget. in IT’s world everything changes so quickly, few months gap, could means few years gap. so thanks gods for internet, and especially thanks gods for  😛

it is so, so important to have job which suits you, which gives you money, which induces smile on your face. sometimes, when I am looking at the world around me, I think people forget about that.

once again, thank gods for 😉

see you soon, folks. ]:->